15 June 2010

A funny thing happend to me...The JEEP!

Yea you heard right! I definetly used to drive a Jeep Wrangler.  That's right, I am tough and rugged, no sensitive sissy girl here. I can 4-wheel and mud with the best of 'em. No redneck stood a chance when I was in my Jeep...
OK so maybe I am exaggerating a tiny bit.  I have been slightly sensitive once or twice in my life, and I don't like to clean mud out of my hair let alone have any idea how to wash a car.  But still I drove a white "clueless" Jeep for like 5+ years buddy. 
I do beleive my dad purchased this particular vehicle for me to prevent anymore wrecks from happening.  I liked to hit other cars appearantly, told you I am tough and rugged!  Over the years there wasn't much to stand in our way, we made quite the team that  ol' Jeep and I! 

A few tiny incidents do come to mind, however. 

Like when I was supposed to be yeilding to get on I-40, instead I ran over the yield sign.  I just thought it should know who is BOSS, and I appearantly meant business.

 I believe that same sign now is sporting one of those iron cages for intimidation and has grown roots of concrete, so not to look like a pansy getting knowcked down by a girl!

And more than likely in the same week, I ran over a couple of those giant orange cylinders in a construction zone on my way to work, but in my defense there was a giant truck trying to invade my space.  So I beat up the cones to scare the giant truck away.  It worked, too.

The most shining moment me and the Jeep shared was not even our fault.  I lived in Denton when I was 19, because I attended TWU...another story for another time!  I drove home every single weekend, literally...but this incident just had to occur on my birthday.  On the way out of Denton I stopped at Chicken Express for some yummy! sweet tea, and maybe some chicken strips with gravy...don't judge I wasn't aware of heart attacks at the time. 
Moving right along, I was be-boppin along I-35N around Pauls Valley so I had been on the road a good hour to hour and a half.  I may or may not have been speeding at some point during the excursion.  There was a semi pulling a flat bed trailer loaded with one measily little bumper.  We had been acting like nascar drivers passing and pacing with each other for awhile.  (I learned that having a companion on the road made it more enjoyable) 
Next thing I know I am swerving and hearing cracking.  Yes I swerved in a Jeep, but I was lucky and didn't die, so get over it.  I was terrified.  I pulled off at the next exit, the only thing I remember was having no idea where I was but the sign said airport.  The semi exited at the same time....can you guess what's running through my mind??

"OMG, I am totally about to get kidnapped by a scary truck driver...Where's my cell phone???"

In sheer insanity mode by this point, I chose to quickly glance at the exterior of my car, assuming if something flew at the Jeep it would hit the front end, DUH!?!? 

No damage, hallelujah.

I jumped back in the trusty ol' Jeep and sped off never to see the scary ax murderer of a truck driver again. 

When I got to my parents house I went inside and told a short version of what had happend, and may have said that something hit another vehicle instead of mine.  I don't like drama, ya know? 

The next morning we were heading out to a cat funeral.  Yea I said it a cat funeral, you gotta problem with that?? I'm just so cool I attend funerals for cats on my 19th birthday, so shut your mouth.

My dad stopped dead in his track and looked back at me,"Allyson,(uh-oh he means business) what happend to your fender?"

"I don't know what you're talking about..." I was being honest.  Then I saw it, that dang ol' trucker had let his bumper rip off my baby Jeep's back fender.  How rude?!

Later, that day I may or may not have noticed the perfect circle made of white gravy with a few drip lines running down the passenger window.  GROSS, so I chose to ignore it...cause I am wise.

This leads me to why this story has never left my pretty little head.  The first, yes very FIRST time I ever met J's family, the first thing his sister, Jeniva*, said to me was not," Hi nice to meet you, I love you hair, where'd you get that shirt??" ,instead she insisted on knowing why I was missing a fender.  In utter embarrassment I managed to tell my story, to a room roaring with laughter, and pointing fingers if I didn't know better that would have been the start to my stand-up comedian career.

I am forever scarred and she  just won't drop it, I had to release my grudge because I wanted marry my hunk of a man.  Yet, she still lets it live on...gosh it's like she's never met anyone else that lost a fender.

I let my Jeep live without a fender for a couple of years I guess, I just noticed one day it had been replaced.  I figured my super Jeep had grown a new one or something. The gravy was eventually washed awway some boy at some time decided it wouldn't be too painstaking to remove the crusty white circle.  Thank you whomever you are!

*names have been changed to protect the identity of future Sister-In-Laws who laugh at innocent little girls.

14 June 2010

The best Things in life...

Are FREE.  But I wouldnt recommend giving this to the birds and the bees, because this is what makes my love happy!  My darling hubby literally got a golf cart handed to him. This was great for both of us, because I no longer have to listen to uncontrollable moans as we pass the golf cart store in town.  And for J it gives him something to do when I am so busy, watching various DVR selections!  Plus, we have added another golf cart to our fleet of lake toys!
Friday, J came in grinning from ear to ear, if you have never seen my husband do this you are truly unlucky.  His smile causes his dimples to shine even more than normal or necessary.  It is truly worth the effort. 
He explained to my inquisitive facial expressions that we now owned a golf cart.  Sure enough I looked out the window and there is Brad, the farmer dude from across the way, driving this crane/fork lift/giant machine thing up our drive.
 There it was in all of its glory, a 1989 ez-go golf cart, top of the line in its almond/white/yellow-ish paint job.

Of course, J and his BIL already have some major plans, you see this thing doesn't, does not, refuses to work YET...after they figure out how to get it going, there is a paint job, lift kit, and a much needed upholestery job.  After all of that, our entire family will all be able to ride on golf carts to the cafe, which is a long 100ft from the camper.
I must admit I am thrilled, I will no longer have to walk all the way to the mailbox when it is hot or cold or wet...boy does my man know how to provide for his lady!

*Whatcha think about my editing?? I am trying to learn how to make photos perfect!*

11 June 2010

To my Momma and Daddy's house I go, and Shooter is coming too!!

So on this loveliest of Friday's J and I are packing up for the weekend.  Loading all necessities, including Shooter and his traveling needs, into our respective vehicles.  You see this month J has the most coveted of days off... SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!  In the true fashion of our marraige we will be turning diferent directions when we leave the house. Our schedules never quite match up...
 He gets to go to the lake with his family (I am beyond Jealous, I've yet to go this season!)  and I have the Kidney Walk, which I am doing because I want my mom to love me most and then my uncle D and his new wifey are having a little party to celebrate their vows.  BONUS: I have neighbors, that I know might I add, I just have to drive 5 miles down a road that I can't remember landmarks on and there it is my uncle D's new digs!! 
The real cherry on top is my great aunt Judy ( doo-dee as Jack prefers) will be here, she is moving very soon from St. Louis and my entire family couldn't be happier!  For some reason she has stolen every last one of our hearts, every generation no stinking exaggeration folks! 
When I was younger, along with my slightly elder cousin ( She's Having A BABY BOY!!)  would spend hours in Aunt Judy's condo, directly next door to her parents...we were given the privledge of selecting those giant books 1st grade teachers have so the whole class can see the illustrations.  Yea we were the cool kids with our very own.
 Looking back I now know where my passion to be the World's Best Auntie comes from.  I want my neices and nephews to have children that have children (in a respective amount of time please!) that L-O-V-E me sooo much that they pee their pants from joy overload on the way out to Uncle J and Auntie Ally's Ranch (FYI- We do not own this ranch that I have spoken of, oh but we will!) . 
I am so mixed with excitement and yet dreading an entire weekend (2 in a row) without my hubby!  I am glad he is going to have fun, but man I am gonna miss him!
Wait a minute... I am starting to develop big ideas, which is typically dangerous... I think I will surprise him by driving down to Texoma, heck I will surprise the whole gang, so shhh! Oh Lord, this shall be one for the books!!
Enjoy a glorious summer weekend , you all deserve one!

10 June 2010

...Oh What Can It Mean, To A Day Dream Believer...

My mind has been working so hard today.  I'm always thinking about something, and typically it's something I am letting myself fret about or convince myself of (Ex.a serial killer is in my house at night, or that I have crud on my face and no one is telling me)!  Today has been different though, a change in my normal pace.  Of course, that means my notes about perpetual motion from class this morning were a little shaky...I have been dreaming, and imagining all sorts of things for our future. Things I have always turned my nose up towards. Until NOW!
For example, J has always talked about owning a ton of land, in the country. I believe his last desired quantity was 3000 acres, dream big honey!  Never once did I ever think I would agree to that notion.  Suprisingly it is ALL I can think about today, literally!  I want to start a ranch, with cattle (organic!!) and have horses and fields and too much prairie area to maintain.  I want it all!  I don't even know if it is possible to start a ranch from scratch, but we are gonna do it!  Honestly, I haven't let J in on our big plans yet...when I got home, he was mowing our 1.5 acre prairie!
Editing technique I call "Dusty", In order to acheive this effect one must capture a photo while husband is mowing over the patchy (mix of grass and red dirt) portion of one's land.

While J was vigorously maintianing our homestead, I was maintaining my appearance.  Every 8 weeks on the dot I go to the "city" to Le Fringe Salon and get my hair spoiled!  My nephew Jack Hayes joined my mom and I at the salon, when the nail tech lady noticed someone had painted his tiny boy toenails bright pink.  Obviously his mother is the culprit! In an attempt to get the pink off of his toes the nail tech lady offered to paint them black!  He instantly agreed and so ensued his pampering session.  I am aware of how this may seem to some, but if you ask Jack about his fashion and beauty choices he has referred to himself in the past as "metro", oh brother!!

I know eventually these little quirks will fade away.

09 June 2010

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops!

I have this thing about being @ home, I am fine leaving but I cannot wait to come back...I am sure my family is confused by that statement, seeing as I always describe my mood as bored!  I think that is just a habit.  I went to bed last night with a tinge of pain in my throat, I woke up with slightly more pain and by my 9am class I wanted to cry.  My eyes are heavy and my body aches, and all I can concentrate on is home.  I guarantee by the time I walk in the door I will feel fine, that's just how my body works!
My nephew, Wil 7years, just had surgery on Monday to snip his Achilles tendon, seeing as he is so stinking tall his bones outgrew his tendon...poor guy has both legs casted and is non weight bearing for 2 weeks.  Now if you know Wil you may be wondering how this will ever be possible, as am I!  I give props to my sister, T and Curtis for their hard work over the next few weeks. He is quite the handful, and a tad bit sneaky/mischievous/ornery...but seriously adorable!
This is so incredibly random, but I have been saving money and yawns by making my own iced coffee.  It is seriously good and is nonfat, low calorie. Awesome I know...
Brew a pot of coffee
Fill any cup to the top with ice.
Fill said cup 3/4 with coffee, adjust for strength preference.
Add splenda, Cinnamon, sugar-free syrup like vanilla of caramel, etc.
Finish off with a splash of milk and a bendy straw for stirring and sipping!

DISCLAIMER!!!You could say I have become slightly addicted to these, so be cautious!!!!DISCLAIMER

Alright well I have to go learn about globalization, and try to figure out how to get an A, while essentially still being confused!  Have a great Wednesday!

08 June 2010

First things first...

I am so new to this blogging world, but I have been thinking about sharing my experiences for awhile. Please bare with me as I grasp onto the concept of spilling the beans, but not too many..
 My husband, Jason, and I have been married for 2.5 wonderful years!  He truly is the perfect man for me, and the family that came as part of the package is just as great!  It is honestly like both of our families were made for each other, I could give lists of examples and reasons, but I won't bore ya!
What's been bugging me lately?!?!  Jason's work schedule changes every month and my school schedule changes every season.  Once we get in the swing of things we have to brace ourselves for another change!  I started my last summer semester as an undergrad last week, I am on campus 6 hours a day, and happen to get home right after Jason leaves for work, BUMMER!  It makes it even sweeter when we do get time together though...
So one way for me to convey the difference from an average relationship... yesterday as I am driving home from school I see a vehicle that has been pulled over by a state trooper, which happens to be Jason...but I can't stop and say hello or get a hug and kiss, I just have to drive right on past my handsome hubby!  Its like being a fly on the wall, I know what he's doing and where he is but he doesnt know I am there! Kind of creepy, huh? 
Trust me there are plenty of perks to his job and our crazy schedules, like an awesome level of security, I feel so safe even if he isn't home!
Well I feel like I am babbling about not so important things, but I guess that's sort of the point!  I am headed to my last class of the day, then on home to take care of my parents ailing dog...(I am dog sitting) he is more than slightly needy!!